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Hi, wondering if anyone can give me an idea on a value of this watch please given its problems?

I'm wondering if it's worth me fixing or selling it.

Issues that I can see are:
1. The watch stem/crown pull right out without needing to press the release catch (does not have a click in sound or feeling to secure).
2. The date setting not able to change manually with the stem.
3. Time can wind backward but not forward.

The stem feels like its the main issue, feeling loose and what not, but whether it has other issues I'm not too sure.
I only do light repair work, nothing on mechanical or auto moving parts.

Any information or help is appreciated.
Cheers 🍻


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Unfortunately, like most watch enthusiast forums, we do not do valuations on this site. All three of those issues appear to be related to the winding mechanism which in the hands of a proper watch repair person is a reasonably simple fix that probably makes the watch worth repairing. Avoid those 'mall kiosks' & jewellery stores and find a local watch repair shop in your area.
Champion thank you sir:)
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