Your first significant OMEGA purchase

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Hey Guys

It's 5.03 in the morning - thought I'd hit the OMEGALand talk shop :biggrin:

I was wondering what you considered your first significant Omega purchase in horological terms. Looking back I think mine must have been the black AT in 39.2mm. I had begun to look at watches seriously after buying my first Omega - a TT Constellation 1202.30. Now some members may recall that I purchased this on that place by the sea. It must have been about 3 to 4 years old but was in pristine condition. Not a blemish and the cal1120 kept fine time. Then came a 2252.50 ( mid size version of the venerable diver ) but the first special watch really was the black AT.

I had seen it reviewed by Frank Nikolajsen

and then of course there was John's glowing account and tempting pictures

Unsure if the 42mm might be too big for me I opted for the 39.2mm size only to wish I had gone for the large chronometer instead. Nevertheless it was a beautiful watch and significant too for me in that the cal 2500 Co-Axial movement was to be a stepping stone to Omega's future in-house calibre, the 8500/8501. The c1120 was already an excellent movement but the 2500 was something else.

As Mr Downtown Mike once wrote " is a more precise movement. Specifically, it is more consistent throughout the entire power reserve range, and in particular, the performance drop off at low power is significantly less in the 2500C than in the 1120. The 2500C has better amplitude performance, especially when operating at low power reserve. You're getting more than just longer service intervals ".

My black AT was a 2500A but kept precise performance at +0.6 sec per day

How about you pals? Something in one of your red or indeed polished wooden boxes that was a significant number......

Y'all have a gr8 week ahead

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As Terry says - They are all significant.

So, that would make my first Omega my first significant Omega.:biggrin:

This was a 3750.50 Hesalite Moon Watch bought over five years ago. As most of you know it was traded in for another watch when I was offered the same money I had bought it for over two years after the original purchase date.

I vow that I will add another one day. I'm getting close. My latest aquisition is a Space Walk 40th Anniversary Blue-on-Blue Speedy Pro that I pick up on the 2nd February.
I was referring to some aspect of a given watch each of us may have or had as in my case that featured a complication or movement of some horological significance. Again in my case this was the Co-Axial cal2500 in my first AT, the first occasion that the Co-Axial movement which is to be the movement in Omega's future, was mass-produced for the Seamaster line.
Well it seems everyone has misinterpreted this Zin. As you say, 5:03 in the morning is way too early to be up, never mind starting thought provoking threads.:biggrin:

I like the way it has been misinterpreted though. May be you could start another thread at a more appropriate time of the day to get members to post their first significant complication/movement Omegas.

Just my 2c worth of course buddy.
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