You Speedy guys aren't helping me!!

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Just when I was absolutely sure which Omega to buy, I start hanging out here more and see all those beautiful Speedies posted every day. I was ready to pull the trigger on a Seamaster, but man, those Speedmasters are starting to whisper my name!
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Hey FAL Guy,


Buy a Speedmaster and maybe your watch will one day be in the presence of greatness like...

John Glenn OR...

Buzz Aldrin OR...

Scott Carpenter OR...

Jim Lovell OR...

Charlie Duke OR...

Edgar Mitchell OR...

Al Worden, Jim Lovell and Jon McBride.

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Actually that was my first meeting with Mitchell and it was an autograph book signing session. I've met him a few times after that. Yes, I've read Edgar Mitchell's book and it's more of a study on conciousness with some of his Apollo 14 experience mixed in. I thought he was a bit on the stranger side until I read the book and met the man personally. He's a genius to say the least. I now understand what he's trying to accomplish. From a scientific point of view, and ruling religion out per say, his question is what is human conciousness and what happens to it? Where do our thoughts and being go into the universe? Heavy stuff if you don't believe in God. I do believe in God so I have my answer to this. It's interesting even if you have a belief or faith. He felt an intelligence out there on the way back from the Moon. On the surface people think he's nutty, but once you read the book you'll see where he's going with it. Yes, it's autographed. It's a lot like people who believe in UFOs. Yes, I believe in UFOs in the sense that something may be an unidentified flying object like a russian spy plane or an experimental aircraft. You have to understand what people's meanings are. Do I believe in ETs? Personally, no.

Yes, I've met these wonderful men several times over the last few years at several NASA events and dinners of which I've been fortunate to attend. I try not to ask the obvious questions since they've been answering them for the last forty years. I've talked with them like they were my uncle, which interests them more. I did ask Jim Lovell what it's like to be in a Gemini spacecraft for two weeks. "Didn't you cramp up? I got cramped just from the car ride here." He said while they didn't have much room, your body is not touching anything in zero g's so there is no pressure on the body. He did say it was a great question.

@Zin, Fame and Fortune???????? I'm an artist and while you can tell I'm not starving can I borrow $20 bucks? ;-)
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