You Speedy guys aren't helping me!!

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Just when I was absolutely sure which Omega to buy, I start hanging out here more and see all those beautiful Speedies posted every day. I was ready to pull the trigger on a Seamaster, but man, those Speedmasters are starting to whisper my name!
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Hey FAL guy,

I would avoid speaking to Joel then.

Hi awesome collection so far............

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Hey Mr MacDaddy, I'm not jealous at all:sad:

May I ask, have you read Edgar Mitchell's book that you are holding (and presumably getting autographed)?

Is it about his career as an astronaut or about his beliefs in ESP, etc? I know he did some controversial experimentation during Apollo 14 on ESP and is a big believer in ETs.

Did you get to speak to any of these heroes at length or was it a sign and pose job for them?

When anyone asks which six people from history you would invite to dinner I say that it would be difficult because there were more than 6 Mercury, Gemini and Apollo astronauts.:biggrin:
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