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My family ,by now, knows better than to buy me a watch for Xmas .
They already think I'm loopy for spending as much as I have on a single watch.(i.e. Planet Ocean, Sinn U1 etc.etc.)
Yet they want to buy me a watch and I am always telling them to leave the watches to me since I spend most of my $$ on them I would rather get something that I need!!
This year I was surprised early by a watch that they got for 2 reasons.
1) It was about the price that they felt a watch should cost..and
2)I made the mistake of leaving the computer on the SNBC site one night(yes,I do browse that site from time to time) and this is what I looked at last.

So this evening I was presented with this-and I must say that they did a wonderful job.
Not a lot of $$ but a great watch that I will wear often. (even at non family functions)

195 grams after sizing and a nice subtle CF dial.
It sort of has that Ocean Ghost look but IMHO the bracelet is better and the overall look is more to my liking.
And you can't beat the SWI 5 year warranty.

Plus it now has a special meaning.

Superior lume also

While I slept,my wife "ran to the phones"!!


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I think your family has a good eye for a bargain.

It looks like a very well built watch with a very good movement at a very, very good price.



I forgot to mention gigantic.


A little spin through Google reveals a lot good feedback from owners.

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that is a good looking watch Mr Foghorn,

what is the case size please, can't tell how big it is but I would guess at least 43mm? I really love yellow watch dials, and that one is a beauty:thumbup1:


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Great watch, I have the blue version. Your family did good! The bracelet is unbelievable!
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