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I'm new to Hamilton and this forum. I'm hoping for some info from the experts.

My wife's cousin owns a jewelry store and I spoke to him about ordering a Jazzmaster Maestro when he produced from storage a brand new, in box X-Wind Limited Edition in Rose Gold (H77696533). It was ordered 5 years ago for a client and never picked up. It's been collecting dust ever since. I've searched the internet for an idea of what this watch should reasonably cost but can't find any currently for sale (though there are old sites still up from the original run).

My questions are:
What should I spend on this watch? Is it worth picking up? I like the idea of it being a limited edition. Does this add to the monetary value of the watch or just the intrinsic value (knowing that only 1999 other people have the same watch)?

Many thanks and I apologize if this is posted in the wrong place.

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G'day and welcome to the forum.

There are three new (current model?) X-Copter Rose Gold watches currently at ebay for $1,300-$1,800. Model no. H77696793. Not touted as being a limited edition.

As regards your question about the value of being an LE - I think this will only serve to artificially inflate the cost price. Whatever you pay you will not now or ever get back what you paid if you ever choose to sell.

But if it was me I'd offer him cost + 10%. Everyone wins.

Good luck and please return with photos if you get it.
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