WW1 1917 British Military issued watch info

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Hello to my fellow watch enthusiasts. I'm looking to get some information on some of my WW1 Issued watches and was hoping some of you could help. Hopefully the pics will download for you to see and help with being able to figure out their history. Any information would be greatly appreciated. They all have broad arrows and serial numbers. One is a snap back case and the other two are Dennison nickel case backs that screw on. One of the broad arrows is below the serial number and I was wondering if this is a normal or a fluke?
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We used to have a member here named 'literustyfan' who could probably answer your questions off the top of his head but he hasn't been around in a couple of years now. He is over at the NAWCC forum though if you want to touch base with him.

There is also a Military Watch Resource Forum (MWR) that specializes in these types of watches that you might want to consider joining.

Another interesting site is one called "Great War Trench Watches" that has quite a bit of information on military watches (including Denison cased ones) available. This will be a good read if you want to do a little research on your own.
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