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Greetings and Welcome to WATCH TALK FORUMS, or WTF for short.

All forum discussions will be friendly, light, cheerful, helpful, and informative. All members will conduct themselves accordingly, both on the public forum and also when using the Private Messaging system.

    • Your screen name can be almost anything you wish (within reason), however anything deemed by the WTF Admin Team to be suggestive, offensive, inappropriate, profane, racist, sexually suggestive, political, religious etc. will be locked and/or the member requested to pick a new user name. Under special circumstances a member may request to change their Screen Name.
    • New members may use their business name as their screen name (only if they intend to or have become a WTF Forum Paying Vendor or Sponsor). If you use a business screen name and you aren't a paying WTF Forum Vendor or Sponsor, that name with be changed or the account deleted.
    • Registered members must maintain one, single account here on WATCH TALK FORUMS. Users found maintaining multiple accounts or "identities" here on WTF are subject to immediate loss of access to the site.
    • Registration. New members must not register with the Watch Talk Forums using a VPN, hosting site or any other similar masking site that prevents WTF from identifying you, your location and/or affect our ability to contact you in the future. Potential members who ignore this rule will be banned.

    • It is important to understand that the Bill of Rights does not apply to a membership based Internet discussion forum. Freedom of Speech is not a right that will override all other considerations. Failure to comply with the rules and guidelines of this forum are grounds for the issuance of a warning or revocation of access. The WTF Admin Team and Mods have the final say. No exceptions.
    • Due to issues in the past, there will be absolutely no discussion of politics or religion allowed on WTF. This will be a zero tolerance issue and not treated lightly by Admin.
    • Members will be kind and courteous and respectful to other members and the Moderators. No direct or indirect personal attacks or insults of any kind will be allowed. Name calling, profanity, antagonistic, insulting (veiled or overt) posts will be subject to moderator intervention which can include editing or deleting your posts and/or an infraction being issued to you. The same rules of conduct also apply to our Private Messaging system.
    • Two wrongs don't make a right - if you feel someone has posted a negative message aimed at you, DO NOT respond in kind. Notify an Admin Team member.

    • We try to run a "family friendly" site - think PG-13. We have a filter in place to eliminate "swear words" and posts containing photos with nudity, or other inappropriate references will be removed. If you feel you must type *'s or other characters in your post to 'by-pass' the language-filters, then the word shouldn't be posted, with or without the *'s. Please don't, for example post words with *'s just to avoid filtering. Such posting is considered a violation of the rules. The same goes for other such "creative" ways to suggest words that shouldn't appear without actually typing the words. Such posts will be modified or deleted with repeat offenders being issued a warning or up to and including a total banning from the site. Please do not initiate, post or participate in political or religious debates anywhere on the forum.
    • Any images or wording in posts, signatures, avatars and profiles containing firearms, knives and weapons, religious, political, racist, lewd, suggestive or sexual references are not permitted and will be removed without notice. This includes any 'links' to inappropriate material. WTF reserves the right to ask members to modify their signatures if we feel they are, too long, contain controversial messages or images ,or otherwise do not enhance the WTF Forum community. WTF Administration has the final say on any Member screen names,signatures, profiles or Avatars. This is a family site. Lets keep it that way. No exceptions.
    • Moderators Role: Moderators are here to assist members and enforce forum Rules & Policies. Moderators have the final say in editing or deleting unacceptable posts/threads/comments without notice. Any Rules violations and or unacceptable conduct will not be tolerated and may lead to membership banning without notice or reason. If you have any questions, please contact a Moderator for guidance.
    • The WATCH TALK FORUMS private messaging system is in place to allow members to communicate with each other outside of the public discussion forums. Improper use of the PM system is grounds for the loss of access to the PM system. This would include any PM activity which would be illegal, immoral, aggressive or hostile, or otherwise not in the best interests of WATCH TALK FORUMS.

    • If you are a vendor, have any ties to a vendor, or are posting solely to increase traffic for a vendor, and are NOT a paying WTF Forum Vendor or Sponsor, you are prohibited from advertising your company's products and/or services on the forum. This includes usernames, links, posts, signatures, private messaging other members, etc. Anyone found violating this is subject to a warning and or immediate banning by the WTF Admin Team.
    • Kickstarter, Indiegogo or any crowdfunding site is considered a sales/advertising platform for vendors and any vendor found linking to or promoting items on Kickstarter or any similar crowdfunding site is strictly prohibited. Any attempt to promote, sell/advertise your items on Kickstarter, Indiegogo or any other crowdfunded site on this forum will be grounds for immediate banning. "If you are caught creating accounts for the sole purpose of shilling for crowd funded projects you will see your accounts banned permanently"
    • Any Vendor that desires to become part of the WTF family and official WTF Forum Vendor or Sponsor, please contact the WTF Admin team.
    • More WTF Vendor Rules and contact info can be found in this link: WTF Vendor Rules

    • Only non-commercial individual forum members in good standing may post in the "Watch Sales Forum" and the "Straps and Accessories Sales Forum" after meeting the requirements of the specific forum rules which appear at the top of each specific forum. These forums operate free of charge for the members. All we ask is that you do NOT TAKE ADVANTAGE of the Watch Talk Forums and use it for free advertising.
    • ALL 'For Sale' posts must include an asking price. No exceptions will be allowed.
    • Individuals with items for sale are not permitted to post, talk about or list their sale items on any pages outside the proper watch sales forums.
    • Example of Acceptable Content: A random WTF member comments on a post that they are in need of a watch or part that was mentioned in a prior post through casual discussion (EX: I am looking for that watch crystal also) and the other post was not a sales pitch but just a passing reference to a particular watch or watch part. Then any member that may possess that watch or part mentioned should us the WTF PM system to contact the person looking for that particular watch or part, discuss it there and keep any discussion of buying or selling off the original public thread. Its ok to help each other out, but keep any public talk of you having an item for sale off all forums except the Sales Forum.
    • All watches and watch related items you own and are for sale and are either posted, discussed or mentioned outside the watch sales forums will be considered "off topic" and inappropriate in all forums but the Sales Forums and will be deleted, along with any related postings. The Sales Forum is the ONLY place an item for sale will be allowed to be posted, viewed or discussed. An Ebay link to a sale item is ok in the appropriate sales forum as long as it is an item that you own and is for sale and you state that in your listing. One Ebay link per posting. The Sales Forum is for private individual members (non-dealers/vendors) who have a minimum post count of 5 non-sales related posts and who are in good WTF standing. See each sales forum for any additional Rules and details.

    • WTF Forum members are permitted and encouraged to post Clickable links to paying WTF Vendor or Sponsor websites.
    • Links to websites that are not WTF Vendors or Sponsors are permitted under the following guidelines:
    • 1. The member is permitted to link a website as long as that member does not own or operate that website.
    • 2. The member is permitted to link a website as long as that member will not profit financially from that linked website.
    • 3. Links to competing forums or sites are permitted on a limited basis as long as the link is to enhance, educate and generally add to the discussion of the watch topic. Links will be edited or deleted if the intent of that link is to drive traffic, generate income or advertise that linked site or that linked site is not in good standing with Watch Talk Forums.
    • Note1: Vendors are prohibited from posting any links to their own for profit websites unless they are a WTF Paying Vendor or Sponsor.
    • Note2: The Watch Talk Forums Moderators have the final say on any links posted on the forum. We want members to be able to enjoy and enhance any discussions on this forum with useful links but we don't want members to take advantage of this rule for personal or financial gain.

    • Linking to a purely hobby website or blog is permitted, assuming the intent for posting the link is not to self-promote the site and drive traffic to that site. If you have a review or story to share, you should post the review directly on WTF as this greatly enhanced the WTF memberships experience. If the review is abnormally long and/or has a large amount of photo’s, you may post a portion of the review and some pictures on WTF then post a link for the complete review, assuming the linked site is not deemed commercial nor contains any sales content. *Commercial and sales content includes Link Page to other commercial websites, reviews with “click-back” links to sites like Amazon for reviewers to purchase the product, sales pages of items for sale, or any other item the WTF Admin team deems to be ‘revenue generating’.
    • Links or website names in member signatures. In general, links to personal hobby websites or blogs in member signatures are OK. The linked site must be a Non-Commercial hobby-only website. If any commercial, revenue generating or sales content is listed anywhere on the linked site, then the link is not permitted. This includes a Link Page to other commercial websites, reviews with “click-back” links to sites like Amazon for reviewers to purchase the product, sales pages of items for sale, or any other item the WTF Admin team deems to be ‘revenue generating’. Any signatures with links to these types of pages are prohibited.
      These rules above also include embedding a link in a photo as a "watermark" or making the photo a clickable link.
      These rules on links and non-sponsor discussions is across all WTF. This includes all forums and the Private Messaging system.

    • WTF does NOT support the counterfeit watch industry, and strongly believes that counterfeit or "fake" watches hurt the watch industry and it’s legitimate consumers. Discussions of counterfeit watches is discouraged and discussions supporting counterfeit watches and/or the industry are not allowed at all. The only exception allowing for discussions on counterfeit watches is discussions requesting member input on a particular watches authenticity for educational / purchase reasons, such as posting a question asking whether a watch is authentic or not, or an educational post regarding ways to identifying a particular counterfeit watch. These discussions are permitted assuming 1) if a question on a products authenticity is asked, once a determination is made it is not authentic the discussion will stop or 2) the discussion is an educational discussion on ways to spot a fake, or differences in authentic and fake for the purpose of education the members on how to avoid purchasing a fake.
      Do not post any photos of fake watches, except as allowed in the above, they will be removed without notice with repeat offences being issued warnings and or a banning from the site.

    • The WTF does not offer valuations or appraisals, nor do we recommend trying to have your watch valued online. Assessing the value of a watch is dependent on many factors, most of which require qualified persons having access to the watch directly. While members may provide their opinions as to the value of a watch, these are purely their opinions and do not represent the WTF. If you need an value for insurance purposes, contact a qualified watchmaker who is certified for this activity (this varies from country to country), an auction house or a reputable watch dealer. The Complete Price Guide to Watches by Tom Engle, Richard E. Gilbert and Cooksey Shugart, published by Tinderbox Press of Mt Pleasant, SC, USA (commonly known as “Shugart”) is a recognized starting point for watch valuations, but this does not represent a recommendation to use that book as anything but a starting point in determining your watch’s value. As the WTF is not in the business of watch valuation, we will not recommend anyone, but members may address individual requests with their own recommendations.

    • Posting of photos not of your own creation - In general, if you intend to post a photograph, it is best to post one of your own creation. If you post a photograph which you did not personally create, you should obtain the permission of the creator of the photo prior to posting, and credit the author or source of the photo in your posting. Remember, not knowing the author of the photo does not negate a copyright violation for unauthorized use of a photograph. The WATCH TALK FORUM is not responsible for possible copyright infringements committed by its registered members. NOTE: In general, "stock" photos released by manufacturers for promotional purposes can be considered "public domain" meaning as long as you don't represent the photos as your own, or use them for "for profit" purposes, you can post them on WTF.

      11. A COMMON DISCUSSION ON WTF - Fakes vs. Re-Issues vs. Homages
    • Watch enthusiasts tend to have different opinions on what these terms mean and which watch brands and/or models fall into each of the categories. To help provide a consistent & people-friendly format and reduce confusion when we discuss or talk about homages, re-issues & fakes, we've come up with a "Watch Talk Forum Definition" for these 3 terms. They are:
    • Replica, fake or counterfeit:
    • An exact copy of a watch, including the name of the copied brand. It's made by another company and meant to deceive people (but not always the buyer) into believing it is the copied brand's watch or falsely presents itself as the copied brand, usually a much higher priced watch. These are illegal products, with many of them being made & distributed by criminal organizations. These are not condoned by Watch Talk Forums and should not be posted or positively discussed on Watch Talk Forums. See Section 7 for more information on WTF’s policy on fakes.
    • Re-Issue:
    • A re-make or re-release of another earlier version or model by the same brand. Possibly a new release celebrating an older vintage model by that brand. A re-issue is made by the company who released the original version, and has the legal right to the brand and model name. Examples of re-issued models are Jaeger-LeCoultre Memovox, Longines Flagship, Longines Lindberg, and Hamilton Ventura, just to name a few examples.
    • Homage:
    • A watch made by a brand to look very similar, sometimes exactly like, another brand's model, but without using the original brand's name. The homage is not intended to be actually sold as the copied brand (as a fake is). A homage will bear the brand name making it, NOT the brand it's made to look like. Examples of homage brands are Alpha, Parnis and Marina Militare.
    • Please keep in mind, we are not telling or trying to convince anyone to change their personal opinion on what you believe these words mean or describe. We're only asking everyone, regardless of what you personally believe, to please use the terms and definitions as defined above when discussing these topics on Watch Talk Forums. Again, this is just to help create consistency in the discussions & reduce confusion, debates and tempers based on definition alone.

      * Minimum Post Count Requirements on this forum. *
    • Post count required to use the Private Messaging System: 5 posts
    • Post count required to use the Wanted To Buy (WTB) forum: 5 posts
    • Post count required to use the Watch Sales Forum and the Straps and Accessories Sales forums: 5 non-sales related posts
    • All content on WATCH TALK FORUMS is, unless otherwise stated, copyright protected by WATCH TALK FORUMS INC. - no content (text or photos) may be copied from this site without prior permission from WATCH TALK FORUMS INC. AND the author of the content. Any legal and legitimate website may link to content on WATCH TALK FORUMS at any time, and without prior permission.
    • If you have any questions about the rules and guidelines for this forum, or how they are applied, feel free to contact anyone on the WTF Admin Team. DO NOT post message arguing with an Admin about the rules or how they are applied. If you have a concern, either E-mail another Admin Team member. If you see a rule violation in the forum, ALERT AN ADMIN TEAM MEMBER. Do NOT attempt to post publicly regarding the perceived rules violation of another member - simply bring it to the attention of an Admin Team member. That's what we're here for.

      Enjoy your time on Watch Talk Forums!

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