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This one. all week long. I'm really starting to develop a patina for this watch ;)
So I write this, both as a stylist and a professional photographer. One of my sponsors asked me why I'm constantly switching my straps around in my photos, repositioning the buckled strap on the bottom of the watch, rather than at the top.
For as long as I can remember, my super stylish grandfather did this and one time I asked him why, this is a paraphrasing of what he said to me. Let me know if you agree and if not, why not!

The correct orientation for the buckle of a strapped watch is hanging from the '6-Oclock' or 'lower' lugs . 99% of makers incorrectly position the buckle at the '12-Oclock' lugs so when worn, the 'tag' end protrudes towards the "audience" . This is as rude as showing someone the sole of your shoe, and is incorrect form for strap watches in addition to actually contributing to tag- end snagging on all manner of impediments. Furthermore, when positioned with the buckle trailing the '6-Oclock' (as shown) the buckle is properly 'presented' to the admiring audience as the wearer twists his wrist to read the time, and if present, a signed buckle is displayed for all to see, as a measure of prideful branding.
I wear ALL my strapped watches, other than deployment buckled ones
this way. How or why on earth so many makers mount the buckles on the wrong end is beyond me.
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