Would you think I'm bold?

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OK here's the story....I'm going to pull the trigger on a Speedy moon to mars from our AD....My wife want's me to ask for free shipping since she's getting it for my early 50th B-day. I told her no way but would ask for a hat, pin, book etc. since this stuff usually comes free from Omega....So what do you think? :blushing:
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Must agree with the majority on this, Gregger. I bought 4 of my 5 from our AD and I wouldn't presume to ask for more. He's already as good or better than the best around, and the freight is more than offset by what you save in PA Sales Tax!

Tell your wife that the AD has a lovely wife of close to 50 years, and she deserves some of the benes of her long and hard work in the business, also.

There's a place to go and a place to not go beyond!
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