Would you think I'm bold?

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OK here's the story....I'm going to pull the trigger on a Speedy moon to mars from our AD....My wife want's me to ask for free shipping since she's getting it for my early 50th B-day. I told her no way but would ask for a hat, pin, book etc. since this stuff usually comes free from Omega....So what do you think? :blushing:
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Mr Gregger,

we are conditioned today that we can always get a better deal.. I understand the idea and do not think you or your wife unreasonable for this expectation.. we all have it.. but in this case we know the folks are cutting to the bone (comparatively) and thats one of the perks to having such a wonderful source, no haggleing, but I might suggest of thinking of that going both ways.

it won't hurt to ask, but I would guess he would say no to the free shipping but he might say yes to a freebie or two:thumbup1: good luck:thumbup1:


we can't wait to see the watch:blink: I'm not even going to take my eyes off this thread , I don't want to miss a thing:blink:

congrats on the new watch:thumbup:

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