Would you think I'm bold?

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OK here's the story....I'm going to pull the trigger on a Speedy moon to mars from our AD....My wife want's me to ask for free shipping since she's getting it for my early 50th B-day. I told her no way but would ask for a hat, pin, book etc. since this stuff usually comes free from Omega....So what do you think? :blushing:
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I'll second the thoughts of Terry, Zin and a couple of others.

"Our AD" has been exceptionally good to us. While there is always the notion of "what's there to loose by asking", we should bear in mind that he is running a profitable venture, and is taking a comparative hit on his profit margins.

I've gotten both of my Omega's from them, and when the time comes for the next, I'm just going to call him and settle right away. In fact, that's what I did when I got the PO, as I trusted his quote and service. I didn't bother checking prices anywhere else.

I can only request that should you be successful in getting free shipping/extras, that you do not spread the word about the same. I fear that if it gets out that the AD did oblige, then he'll be inundated with similar requests, which may (or may not) force them to rethink their discounting policies.

Also, they ship UPS 2nd day, and the value of the package typically exceeds $1000. So UPS does their best to get it out of their hands at the earliest. In most cases it's delivered the next day.

And congratulations on your new watch. Do post some pictures when you get it!
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