Would you think I'm bold?

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OK here's the story....I'm going to pull the trigger on a Speedy moon to mars from our AD....My wife want's me to ask for free shipping since she's getting it for my early 50th B-day. I told her no way but would ask for a hat, pin, book etc. since this stuff usually comes free from Omega....So what do you think? :blushing:
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I would have to agree with Zin. The discounts sound almost unbeatable so I wouldn't mind the shipping charge. I've not bought from the "special" AD, but from what I've read he is a good, honest guy. Unfortunately I have not found much of that when it comes to luxury watch retailers. Alot of them seem to be real a$$e$ that don't want to help you unless you have the right look about you.:cursing: You know the type that don't acknowledge you if you happen to stop by in jeans and t-shirt.

That said, if he has some Omega promo stuff like a pen, then sure!
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