WOOHOO!!! New Seamaster

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Went and did it! Bought number two (2254.50) from our AD...wife's mad but hey I'm working on it and after I heard they were being discontinued I had to finally get it...for now I'm happy. Sorry about the pic size but photobucket won't let me resize them it shuts me down when I try.

Here it is...

The new and old...

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A new Co-Axial in the guise of the white GMT would be great. In fact I know that Mr Edge would be very happy with such a development.

Thanks for sharing your experience with our man in DC Mr BCZ.

Continue to enjoy you watches and indeed have a good w/e with your missus :thumbup1:

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Congrats Mr Bczolone

That is a great combination :thumbup:

there has been talk of a NEW version 2254 with Co-Axil,

hopefully in a month or so we will know for sure..

excellent choice, i recently bought one myself!
Welcome to the 2254.50 Club! I bought mine for my birthday in December and never regretted it for one second! Now that it is being discontinued, I'm even more happy I have it. Also, the white faced GMT is stunning!:thumbup1:
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