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So I got a great deal on what I thought would be a good flip for profit watch. I got this SEIKO LADIES' BRACELET WATCH SYL784 and I am having a hard time finding much information about it. I opened the back to check the battery size and it had a date written inside the case. Said “A06-14-68” in a fine print marker. So does that mean this watch is that old? Can anyone help me figure if this is a decent women’s watch?
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If its a mechanical movement it could be from the late 1960's. If its a quartz movement it is likely from the late 1980's. With the case material being base metal with gold coloring, there isn't much demand in the marketplace for these watches and that might explain why you got a "great deal" on it.

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Results for movement with serial number 197827 :-
The watch was made in September 1971,1981,1991,2001,2011,2021
Or if you add the movement number to the mix,
Results for movement 1F20 with serial number 197827 :-
The watch was made in September 1991,2001,2011
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