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Okay, so I'm on my thrid winder now.

The first was for two watches but I soon had like 12...

The second one was one of those Diplomats with real fake leather and real fake wood that winds 8 watches and holds 10 more. Looks nice, quiet, works well, lots of watches. But: slots are not wide enough for 24mm pre-v buckles and biggish watches stick out too high causing them to hid the transparent lid. So I stick something in between to keep the lid opened for an inch or two.

Decided to try one of those B6 winders (als available as DIY kits) that have those nice self strechiung clamps for wider watches. Only room for six and not spares. Nine out of ten of my big watches fit in there and are held in place properly, even with the huge pre-v like on the Benarus. But, I have two watches left that will not fit because now the strap is too thick (5mm?) and it will not go between the clamp and the tube that spins the clamp/watch combo. Arrgh!!!!

My big watches are the Steinhart Aviation GMT/Vintage on a thick 24mm aviator leather (with those exrta flaps underneath to give more width (30mm) but also more thickness.

Anyone have a suggestion for a winder that will take every watch size?
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