Why so special?

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I started searching for a "decent" watch about 12 months ago and kept coming back to the IWC range. I couldnt work out what it was about them until I strapped a Portugese Chronograph to my wrist - that was it for me! I bought myself one for Christmas 2007 and dont think I have enjoyed a more comfortable and beutiful watch. Within having it on for no more than an hour, I was already having people comment on it - this has never happened before. Well done IWC!:thumbup:
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You are now part of the growing IWC fan club. Welcome to the group. You should be aware, however, you are now infected with the IWC uhren virus for which there is no known cure. The symptoms can be alleviated only by adding more IWC's to you collection.

Congratulations on your new IWC Portuguese Chrono.

Post pictures as soon as you can.

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