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Original post by Tiggercat!

Thanks to krisinho from SCWF for the information:
"I'm currently reading a German book about Japanese history of time (Florian Coulmas "Japanische Zeiten"). It contains an interesting chapter on the watch industry in Japan. Here is some trivia that might be interesting for you.
Seiko has had an internal guideline since the 60's that all promotional pictures of their watches are taken with the hands at 10:08:42. With the advent of digital watches they had to revise this rule because "42" can be read as "shi ni" in Japanese, which means "death". Hence, all digital watches on photos have 10:08:59 on them. If you look at pictures of hybrid watches you will notice that the hands are one 10:08:42 while the digital display shows 10:08:59. Citizen and Orient align their hands to 10:09:35 and 10:10:35, respectively."
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