Why does my Spaceview gain time when stored this way?

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This is weird... I'm running out of space (pun intended) in my 2 watch boxes, so I've segregated my Spaceview 214 M9 to it's own 1960's Accutron wooden box. This box was designed to display the watch on its side. If I store it with the right (3:00) side facing down, it seems to be OK. But if its stored right side up, it gains HOURS of time within a few days. Stored upright in one of the other boxes or on my wrist, it's fine (not advertised accuracy, but well within my monthly needs). This gain only happens when the watch is motionless and stored on its side in the 3:00 up position.

Can anyone provide insight on this phenomena?
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A man goes to a doctor's office. He says, "Doctor, it hurts when I raise my arm over my head."
The doctor replies, "Then don't raise your arm over your head."

Your Accutron is telling you it hurts when you store it with the right (3:00) side facing down. Maybe you should stop doing that. Just something to consider before spending some big bucks.

All kidding aside, I was reading a Bulova service bulletin not long ago that walked about accuracy with the tuning fork in the up or down position but that variation was just fractions of a second. The only logical explanation for your problem is one caused by a mechanical issue with the index wheel and related parts.
You may find a clue to the problem on page 31 of the Accutron Service Manuel. If you don't have a copy handy, you can download it here:
I agree with Sam2. There is no simple explanation for why your watch is behaving as it does. Gaining that much time in one particular position indicates the need for service. I purchased my first Accutron (218) in 1973. My close friend and his dad already had 214 Accutrons. I remember conversations about how to regulate the watch by placing it on one side or another over night, depending on whether it was gaining or losing time during the day when worn. Last year I found the information below on position sensitivity.

*The effect of position on ACCUTRON
One of the major factors contributing to the timekeeping accuracy of the ACCUTRON movement is its small and predictable position error.* The tuning fork has a basic position error which is completely predictable in amount of direction.* Furthermore, this position error is independent of tuning fork amplitude.
When the long dimension of the tuning fork is horizontal, the frequency of vibration is the same, whether the tines of the fork are alongside each other or one above the other.* In most ACCUTRON models, the tuning fork is mounted along the 12-6 axis of the movement.* Therefore, the rates in dial-up, dial-down, 3-down, and 9-down positions will all be precisely the same.
When the long dimension of the tuning fork is vertical with the times down, which is the 12-down position in most ACCUTRON models, the effect of gravity causes a slightly higher tuning fork frequency.* In this position the rate is 5 seconds per day faster than when the fork is in a horizontal position.* Conversely, when the fork is vertical with the tines up, the frequency of the tuning fork will decrease, causing a rate 5 seconds per day slower than when it is in a horizontal position.* This is the 6-down position in most Accutron models, and is rarely experienced when the watch is worn on the outside of the wrist.
This extremely small position error is taken into consideration in the regulation of ACCUTRON movements at the factory.* It is regulated for best timekeeping when worn on the outside of the wrist.* It is recommended that when the owner desires to wear his ACCUTRON timepiece on the inside of the wrist (making the 6-down position occur more frequently), it should be regulated 3 seconds per day faster than the original factory adjustment.
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Thanks guys..

I'll be contacting the person I use for service with your information. Now, I'll have some hard data to pass on. Thanks again.
BTW Sam2

Thank you for answering my question about end links back in December. I just now discovered WTF has (had) private messaging. I'm still looking for those end links, but have my eye on a 3D printer, so I'll be getting them one way or another:)
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