Why Do Watch Collectors Collect Watches?

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I have often wondered what ever started my passion for watches. Ever since I was a kid I have always had this infatuation with timepieces. I saved up my money and at 10 years old I bought my first watch, it was a Timex mechanical watch.
It wasn’t until about 10 years ago when I through my divorce that I picked up the hobby. Of course with no one to answer to but myself and my conscience I started buying watches when they went on sale. I went after a wide variety of styles and brands and price points.
Then I found my favourite brand of watch, of course it was the Invicta line. Well it wasn’t long before I sold all of my other watches and now the majority of my collection is Invicta.
Does anyone have any theories as to why collectors have this “thing” for lack of a better term for watches? :confused1:
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This one of those "If I have to explain it, then you wouldn't understand" things. I've tried to explain it but couldn't. The people that do understand don't need the explanation. For example my co-worker collects Zippo lighters. I understand why he does it, because I collect watches. To a non collector, this is all stupid stuff, and they cannot understand why we do it. I didn't understand either, until I got bitten by the bug.
For me, it all started 18 months ago when I came across this watch show this gentleman by the name of Jim was doing. I had always had a love for a great timepiece since I already had the very original 8926 since 1992. But watching the show, I started learning about all the details and movt's and become much more interested. Then I came across a watch forum and was then REALLY hooked. Jim kinda got me started onto the hobby...:D
Cause, if they collected cars they would be car collectors.:001_tt2:

Falcon my friend, please forgive me but I had to do it before Rusty or Foggy could!:lol:
Hey Charlie,
No problem, I enjoy a good dig, your turn is coming!!
I too can understand why a guy might collect zippo lighters, but why zippo lighters, or why watches. I used to collect Wayne Gretzky memorabillia many years ago and man when I got into that I went hard!! I wanted every Gretzky card and game used peice I could get my hands on.
Now it's on to my childhood But I don't want everytime peice I see. What appeals to me does not do it for others, it's a different kind of collecting and I find it very interesting that I can look at a watch that one person is nuts over and all the while I am looking at their watch I am dry heaving...on the I guess no one will ever be able to answer why, I just thought it was interesting that I could not figure out why watches and not inflatable dolls?
It's an acceptable way for guys to wear jewelry?

Nah, what fascinates me is the little accurate micromachines we strap on our wrists. They're engineering marvels and frequently works of art.
And it can be cheaper than collecting cars.
Exactly, what7. BTW, welcome to the Original Invicta Forum.
No rhyme or reason for me.
Been doing it before I knew I was "collecting".

@timebender-if I had read this before heading out
this AM for work I would have beaten you to the punch!!:glare:
How I became a Watch Collector

@ Foghorn-- It would have had to been early because I posted it about 5:30AM Eastern today.

@ Falcon, My wife helped and encouraged me in this. As I had posted before I have always been fascinated by watches. Throughout my adult life I always had at least two at a time. A beater for work and something nice for away from work. A few years ago I picked up another two watches that were not at work watches and were connected with an organization I belong to. Anyway, wifey said she noticed I could not walk by a counter that displayed watches without stopping and looking. Her Dad also has a love of watches and has about eight or nine. So next thing I know she has picked up a couple nice Seiko's for me and said, "add these to your collection". Ah ha! I now had a collection. I am a collector!:lol: She in fact loves clocks. Yes, we have them all over the house. I made the remark while adjusting the moon phase on her grandfather clock that I used to own a MP watch. She said she did not know they made such a thing. She did a search on the web, yes she did and next thing you know I have an Invicta MP!:biggrin: Invicta? I never heard of no Invita before! Just like no flying monkeys! Please excuse, I digress. Then I did a search on Invicta! Very cool! Nice looking watches and many for the budget minded! Invicta caused my collection to suddenly double in size.:tongue_smilie:

And that is my story and I'm stickin' to it!:001_tt2:

Oh yeah, and mostly they are cheaper than cars!;)
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