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Well, while MSNBC is still saying Atlanta has a shot to make the playoffs (mathematically I guess).... .... Hang on, still laughing..... ......

Ok, (whew - that's funny)... let's start looking forward to the draft. Harrington didn't do it, and I don't think he can. I don't think it's all on him - his line & receivers certainly haven't helped him - he'll get all the blame I'm sure (just like the QB gets all the credit when the team wins). And Leftwich certainly wasn't the Rightwich choice either.

I gotta believe Atlanta's going to have to use their first draft to get a QB. Sure, they need to consider RB's as well as Dunn's getting up there, but I believe he's got a few years left, and you got Norwood & Mughelee. I think they're OK there for awhile. Hopefully Brooking doesn't go anywhere, that'll surely leave a gap in the center of the defense. And someone needs to show the receivers how to close their hands together around a ball. Yes, when ball hits hands, close together.. I'm simply amazed at the number of what should be easy catches they've dropped, and not just this year. So, they got problems all around, no debating that. But it all (at least offense) revolves around the QB, so I think they'll be the sacrificial goats here.

And as long as we've opened this can, I'm not sure Petrino's the right guy either. Sure, he inherited a problem when Vick decided he wanted traded to the Federal Chaingangers team, but watching him stick to some of his things have been more than painful. Sticking to your game-plan is fine, as is sticking to what you said you'd do. But football is extremely fluidic, so sometimes you gotta change & fast. I was impressed with Redman in the 4th last week, but I don't think he can sustain anything either (though I wouldn't be surprised to see him start against NO Monday night).

So, as I've said before I don't follow college ball. So whose the top 5 QB's that are likely to enter the draft this year???
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