Which SMP

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I really like the look of the SMP and would love to get one. Everybody refers to the 2220.80 and similar as the James Bond watch because of Pierce Brosnan. I really don't like Pierce Brosnan, so the idea of that watch bugs me. I also don't like the skeleton hands. Besides, I've got the Casino Royale PO which to me is the James Bond watch. I loved Daniel Craig as Bond. It doesn't seem to make sense now to buy an Omega without co axial. Titanium seems to tinny. There are some gorgeous pictures of SMPs on the Omega Members Gallery thread #21 and #39 but I dont know which of those are available now or if or any like them have co axial. What do you think? BTW, I love being able to do a thread like this and get great opinions and knowledge.
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Check out the Planet Oceans, they are going to be the closest to the SMP's with the Co-Ax movement.

The SMP 2254.50 (black dial and bezel, and on my wrist right now I might add) has been discontinued and will probably be replaced with something with the Co-Axial movement.
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