What's your preference in telling time Analog or Digital

  • Analog

    Votes: 22 91.7%
  • Digital

    Votes: 2 8.3%

What's your preference in telling time, Analog or Digital

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What do you prefer to tell time with, an analog or a digital watch? My self I love digital. Problem is analog watches look so much more classy.

What's your preference and why?
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I've been flip-flopping between analog and digital for about eight years now. Started with a Timex digi Expedition and I was enthralled with the extra features of timers, etc. Been wearing a G-Shock almost daily for the last 18-24 months. It has enough bells and whistles for anyone, even a databank that I never used. I put an obscene message in the databank in case the watch was ever got stolen and the perp decided to take a look. :lol:

Now I'm back to analog, as of last week anyway.

Yesterday I was freaking out when my analog watch didn't have the day of the week on it and I was used to getting that info from my digi. Analog builds memory.... I hope.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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