What's your preference in telling time Analog or Digital

  • Analog

    Votes: 22 91.7%
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    Votes: 2 8.3%
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Analog, even my car's clock. Too bad, because digital watches offer so much more functions for a fraction of the price. (Multi alarms, stopwatch, countdowns, 1/100 seconds, etc.) I just don't like the look of 'em though. I've seen certain watches pull off both simulaneously, but these are few and far between.

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Loggin' time on my Analog

What do you prefer to tell time with, an analog or a digital watch? My self I love digital. Problem is analog watches look so much more classy.

What's your preference and why?
More classic, I guess.

Until I went to college, I wore digitals exclusively (I was of that age). My grandfather gave me his watch to go off to school, "to keep me on time," and it was an analog Elgin from the 40s or 50s. I kept it in repair until my son was born in 1998, but when my wife bought me a new watch, it was analog (seemingly more popular at that time).

I do own some (James Bond) digitals, and wear them every so often. But they always feel awkward to me. Especially the Hamilton Pulsar LED, which requires pushing a button to see the time!

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I wore digitals for a couple of decades and when it comes to precision timekeeping, they cannot be beat. Quartz is very accurate and a digital watch can be referenced to a standard daily in under one minute. A radio-controlled digital or even an analog will do that for you.

However, the advantage to analog for me is that they are so hard to set precisely and the analog scale, although it can be precise, is given to imprecise readings when they are simply glanced at for the time.

In this way, the analog watch helps to dampen my obsession and I am less inclined to set them each day because it is so time-consuming and because when I read the time more often than not, I am only getting an approximate reading anyway.

Today, I own 14 analogs and only one digital and it is a radio-controlled solar G-Shock.

Whereas before, I would set my watch every day, now I am satisfied to set my 13 non-radio-controlled quartz analogs every couple of months without undue emotional stress.

It still thrills me though that my G-Shock is always there and alway within .5 seconds of UTC and on any given day, which is rare, I can wear that watch and at a glance tell the near exact time.

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Don't nix the Nixie

... For clocks however, it is all about analog. No digital for clocks.
Hmm, hadn't thought about clocks.

My primary nightstand clock is a single-tube Nixie. It flashes four digits in sequence, then repeats, to tell the time. I have it set for 12-hour format, since I'm generally lucid enough to know for myself if we're talking a.m. or p.m. :blink:

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I can't wear digital any more,precise accuracy isn't a huge issue with me.My daily routine doesn't require me to be on that tight of a schedule.Analog has that authentic natural appeal, that I really appreciate and admire.

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ONLY analog, NEVER digital.
Digital watch wearers:

Nope... it was having the ability to actually read the time in diverse situations, ie; darkness. Good lume wouldn't have worked either 'cause you don't always want that showing.


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I've been flip-flopping between analog and digital for about eight years now. Started with a Timex digi Expedition and I was enthralled with the extra features of timers, etc. Been wearing a G-Shock almost daily for the last 18-24 months. It has enough bells and whistles for anyone, even a databank that I never used. I put an obscene message in the databank in case the watch was ever got stolen and the perp decided to take a look. :lol:

Now I'm back to analog, as of last week anyway.

Yesterday I was freaking out when my analog watch didn't have the day of the week on it and I was used to getting that info from my digi. Analog builds memory.... I hope.
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