What I Would Love To See

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I would love to see Invicta dedicate a section of their website to giving a photo and a brief description including, years manufactured and suggested retail price for each watch they have made.

I think that this little thing (although a large task in the beginning) would help fuel the collectors fever in seeing all of the styles there are, as well as allow people a place to see some official information about the various time pieces. A simple search by model number, year, and movement could start it off.

Invicta seems to have a large following, and passionate owners. Why not feed into that so the brand can remain cutting edge, and maintain the support of those that have experienced the watches, love them, and are ambassadors for them?

I have an Invicta 4058, and when I type the model into the Invicta website nothing at all comes up. I love my 4058, but feel a bit slighted that I can not find it on Invicta's website.
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My Opinion

Companies benefit in a major way from people that develop a passion for their product. Having the ability to feed that passion through discovery on the Invicta website is something that will bring more and more attention to the brand.

While collectors make up a small percentage of slaes, they are also ambassadors that promote the brand each time they wear a watch. It is the word of mouth that keeps everything going, but a place to reference all of these watches would be awesome
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