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About time sell almost every watch from Swiss(including powerhouse like breguet and Blancpain, UN and VC). Must be like in dreamland if you are a watch fan when you step in there. From Mr Scott pass messages regarding free BALL watch winder, they are generous too!!! Just hope there this kind of AD in Singapore or malaysia or in fact in asia too. Then i can go a visit them. hehehe

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Thank you for the warm welcome...

I wanted to thank you all for the warm welcome. Our store is located in Dana Point California and we are the LARGEST Ball watch dealer in the United States (this is told to us from Ball Watch USA). We are also the largest Anonimo dealer in the United States. We pride ourselves in being a "watch teaching store", unlike other stores (not to mention any other store names) when you walk into our store we like to make sure our customers understand the history and manufacturing techniques used to manufacture watches. Our store is a small boutique type store and within it we try to carry the brands that make the most sense in the various price tiers and quality levels. All the watches we sell are Brand new in the box and are covered by a full valid manufacture warranty. We also provide full servicing on watches as well. I am personally a very big fan of Anonimo, Ball, Maurice Lacroix, Frederique Constant (the new open heart with the date and moonphase subdial at 12:00, Frederique Constant Classic Gents Heart Beat Moonphase Watch) and many of the Oris watch models as i feel these are some of the best values for the dollar in various product price and quality tiers. If there ever anything I can help any of you with please do not hesitate to drop me a email at [email protected] or call me at 949-429-4290.

I should also mention that I used to be the Technical Manager for United Technologies (Pratt & Whitney) and have over 10 patents before I became one of the owners of About Time Watch Co.. (yes I know what you are thinking....jet engines to watches..what the heck..anyway...), so i definitely consider myself a Techie... and always love the technical details...

Best Regards,

About Time Watch, since 1952


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My visit to our AD: About Time

Before heading out on our trip to California. I sent an e-mail to BALL info enquiring about any Deployment claps available for the incoming Heritage. Damir at HQ advised that they do indeed have one that will fit, however it is only available in Stainless Steel.

“Hmmm, I really love the look of Scott’s Deployment on his Moonie, yet I will have to figure out a way to have it gold plated to match my Heritage”.

Several e-mails later with Jeremy and Monica and I eventually came to the decision. No gold deployments coming anytime soon, however I do have a local Jeweller who can help my match the unique Pink/Rose gold of the Heritage and plate it for me! Done deal! It was too late for me to contact Monica, so I was able to speak to Holly at About Time in Dana Point, CA and set the plan in action to obtain the Trainmaster clasp from Florida.

On another note, I was also interested in the BALL logo Orbita watch winder!! But all sold out. Scott has a beautiful one in the Accessory thread.

Steve Burns sent me an e-mail giving me directions and a great vantage point to check out the Coastline view. Highly recommended! What a beautiful place you live at!! Nothing but rain here today.

….up the road about 10 minutes is a beautiful resort area that you should go visit called the Montage Resort.

You need to go walk along the Montage grounds in the back along the cliffs it is stunning and bring your camera.
Driving along the Pacific Coast Highway was spectacular! A nice cool breeze coming from the ocean and the warm sun shining down in the clear blue sky was euphoric. Pulling into Dana Point I was very excited to see the store front. We had to get the kids all relaxed from the long drive and that included washroom break and food and drink. I had a Starbucks frappe.

Walking into About Time I met with Marty Burns. He wore a fabulous Cleveland Express Dual Time in Red Gold. Not to be mistaken with my Pink/Rose gold. Now this is a stunning piece on its own merit! Gold raised numerals and hands! Wow! Simply wow. He even showed me the Maurice Lacroix Retrograde watch that he wore previous to the CE taking over his wrist time!

Marty was understandably confused over my SS clasp that Holly had billed and wrapped for me. But eventually my little plan was explained. I love the buckle, but as of right now, it never tends to stay centered on my wrist.

My daughter got to meet everyone and Holly took their two Pug dogs for a walk. My wife also took the kids for a food break so Steve, Marty and I could discuss watches in general…then detail…then fine combing and feeling! All the while we talked about WTF and Ball watches of course. But they also had many, many other watches that fascinated me. Especially the ANONIMO’s!! Steve was wearing his orange face Anonimo and both him and Marty (Steve’s dad) gave me a great lesson on the history of Dino Zei, Panerai and the “anonymous” company – Anonimo! I’m all for BALL, but I do believe that one of these watches I will be watching out for in the next little while. Especially the bronze version! :drool:

About Time is the largest BALL AD on the west coast, I hope I got that right. And they are also close contact with the Rep of Anonimo. So they receive some very special # numbers on the limited edition models. 001, 007, you name it. They probably can source it.

Seeing these watches in a catalogue Ad is one thing, seeing and feeling them in person is a life changing experience for a WIS. Just like the BALLS! Okay enough of the Anonimos (my next watch?):lol: Depends on if the Aviator can outperform my expectations! Then Steve will be getting a call to book me in!:tongue_smilie:

We proceeded over to the Ball cabinet and checked out some of the pieces. The mini UV lights seemed to have lost some of their power, so time for some battery changes! One mini light had enough power to shine onto the Master Engineer II COSC Diver…in original colour tubes (Green with yellow markers)! So go to Steve to snatch this up before they all turn to solid green faces. :thumbup1:

Dealer Display clock? A Frederique Constant open heart wall clock! WOW! I wish I took a pic of that. However, remember that the BALL watches still are superior to their Clear Vision T<25 watches.:thumbup: T100 is the way to go!

Marty and Steve supplied me with the super thick watch catalogue annual, brochures and catalogues for FORTIS, ALPINA, ANONIMO, CHRONOSWISS, I’m losing track! And a wonderful surprise for my daughter, the do-it-yourself watch kit for youths! Looks like I’ll have to make some creative dials with Dora or Disney Princesses!

What a great education! And really a vast difference from going into all the watch stores during my trip to Santa Monica promenade and all the Tourneaus. They really are just nicely dressed salespeople, but WIS? Nope, not really as one lady wasn't even sure if the Longines retrograde was in the store or on it's way. (much hyped from Watch Time from back in December 2007)

I had a blast going over watches with Steve and of course my next watch is coming from them. You heard it here! Be it the “tweaked” Aviator or the Anonimo bronze…or of course the IWC mid size Ingeniuer (sp?) that my wife raves about!
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