Watchwinder Question??????

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Now that I have to many automatic wind watches, I'm considering the purchase a watchwinder. The one I like the most come for [non-sponsor link removed]. Has anyone had any experience with this company or any other thoughts? Please help me!!
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Hi Blf,

The watch winder debate comes up about ever 2 months or so.. I'd do a search on 'watch winder' and you'll probably find more info & opinions than you care to read... :thumbup1: Personally, I'm all for them & own 3, but others may prefer to put the money you'd spend on a winder towards a new watch instead. As far as issues using them, while there are opinions on whether a winder is bad for the watch or not, there have been no studies able to show using a winder is bad for the watch or reduces it's life - so I wouldn't be concerned with that. The bottom line really is "is a winder right for you based on what you like & want to spend your money on".

Regarding where to buy, we have several sponsors who sell winders, so I'd start there & see what they have..

BTW, as the link you had in your post isn't a WTF sponsor I've removed the link. Thanks!
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