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Hi Blf,

The watch winder debate comes up about ever 2 months or so.. I'd do a search on 'watch winder' and you'll probably find more info & opinions than you care to read... :thumbup1: Personally, I'm all for them & own 3, but others may prefer to put the money you'd spend on a winder towards a new watch instead. As far as issues using them, while there are opinions on whether a winder is bad for the watch or not, there have been no studies able to show using a winder is bad for the watch or reduces it's life - so I wouldn't be concerned with that. The bottom line really is "is a winder right for you based on what you like & want to spend your money on".

Regarding where to buy, we have several sponsors who sell winders, so I'd start there & see what they have..

BTW, as the link you had in your post isn't a WTF sponsor I've removed the link. Thanks!

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If you are the type of person who will have several auto watches and will be changing watches once every few days then I say get one. If you are the type that will wear one every month or 2 then save your money and wind it your self when you are ready to wear it. If you only have one auto watch then you don't need one if you wear your watch on a daily basis.

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Save your money. Just wind 'em when you wear 'em or once a month


I have 3 winders.

Never use them.

One is dead,one is a useless continuous winder that was included in an impulsewatch purchase and the other is fine.
I am often pressed for time but the 3 minutes it takes to wind and set a run down auto is always available.
Plus you extend the time between service if the watch is not running 24/7.
Another thought is that even if you have a watch that is running at a great rate of +5 secs a day and don't wear it for a couple of weeks it'll still be off by over a minute when you decide to wear it-so even though it's on a winder you'll end up setting it!!

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Everyboby, thanks for all of the great suggestions! I have purchased a watchwinder from the internet. The winder has full electronic controls, so it can wind clockwise, counter clockwise or bi-directional. It also has different timing settings and a daily repeat function. As soon as it arrives and I've had a chance to use, I will report my results. One interesting thing that was mentioned on this companies website was the problem many winders have of over stressing a movement as opposed to overwinding a movement. I would mention the name of the website, but I know this is against the rules.
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