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Hello everyone,

Excuse me if this should be in the watch winding discussion, but it's mostly about why my new watch won't wind on any watch winder.

I am a newbie to watch collecting and was given a beautiful Locman Montecristo watch as a starting gift. Love the watch, but am new to automatic watches. I don't wear this watch every day, so I decided to buy an automatic watch winder. I went with the expandable system by ACCURATIC that can be purchased on

My problem is that the Locman will not wind when placed in the winder. It stops after a period of time. The database says my watch contains a "Base Valjoux 7750" movement and should be wound CW at 800 TPD. Are there watches that can't be wound by a watch winder? Do you think there is something wrong with the watch and should be sent back to Locman for service? Just doesn't seem right that it can only be wound by movement on my wrist.

I did a test and waited till the watch had no energy left in the spring and then held the watch as if it was in the watch winder and turned the watch clockwise to see if the spring would wind and the second hand would start ticking. The answer...nope. Then I tried counter-clockwise and got the same result. Lastly, I tried alternating between CW-CCW and that also did not produce a result.

The only thing that got the second hand moving and the spring starting to wind was a strong pendulum motion with the watch.

Would appreciate any opinions and advice.

Thanks in advance,

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Welcome Peter. A few things:

- The rotor of an automatic watch has to spin 150 to 180 times to equal one twist of the crown.
- A watch winder is designed to maintain the state of wind for an automatic, not actually wind it up quickly. You need to give the crown 30 or 40 twists for it to have an original "charge".

I have a Breitling with a 7750 and it's been fine for years on my winder set at 800 tpd.

Now you owe us a picture of your watch for services rendered. :wink:
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