Watch Winder Direction for a Rolex?

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I just purchased my first watch winder. With my Rolex, should I have it turn clockwise or counter clockwise or, does it make any difference?:confused1:

Thanks for helping me out with the info:thumbup1:
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Has anyone tried a Landmark watch winder on their vintage rolex? I like that they build in a rest period into the winding, and also goes both directions. I think you can also set the TPD. Their price is good as well, but after looking at the other companies mentioned here, I'm wondering if I would be getting what I paid for? Comparatively to the Orbita and Rotolution, it is significantly less expensive. My husband's vintage Rolex GMT Master has been losing time and I thought a winder would be helpful but cannot afford the really expensive ones but also don't want to waste money on something that won't be beneficial. Thanks for your thoughts.
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