Watch Winder Direction for a Rolex?

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I just purchased my first watch winder. With my Rolex, should I have it turn clockwise or counter clockwise or, does it make any difference?:confused1:

Thanks for helping me out with the info:thumbup1:
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In addition to the answers given that Rolex watches are bi-directional, the correct tpd (turns per day) for most Rolexes is 650 tpd.

Another winder to look at is the Rotolution (Watch Winders)

I have an Orbita Bellino and also a Sparta. Both are very nice, but I was able to purchase a used Rotolution and I much prefer it to the other winders. The Orbitas are relatively quiet. I can, however, still hear them operating when I am in the room. The Rotolution, however, makes no sound that I can detect and it's programmability via computer USB is a really neat feature.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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