Watch Winder Direction for a Rolex?

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I just purchased my first watch winder. With my Rolex, should I have it turn clockwise or counter clockwise or, does it make any difference?:confused1:

Thanks for helping me out with the info:thumbup1:
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The answers you've received are correct - I would just add that if your winder has a bi-directional mode, this will be best for the winding system and will even out the wear.
Thanks John, I really like the winder but with all I have heard about some breaking down I thought I would give this thing about 6 mos and then right a review on it. I don't want to give a first look bunch of accolades possibly causing someone to pull the trigger on the same model just to find it does not last. I think 6 mos is a good starting point.
Hmmm....I'm not entirely sure you read my response correctly...or that I was clear anyway. I was refering to the wear on the winding system of the watch, not the winder itself. :D
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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