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Everyone who has a WTF Edouard Lauzières watch can enter. Each person will be able to enter two entries. There is one rule and that is the size must be no larger than 800x600. You can enter your photos now if you would like. Please email your submissions to [email protected] I am not setting a deadline as of yet as I would really like to get the two watches that have just become available sold before hand so the folks buying them can also enter. But I am not going to wait on that much longer. By not much longer I mean two more weeks tops before I set a deadline. The 1st place prize is a $300.00 voucher from Fine-Time. There is a 2nd place price of a $200.00 voucher from Fine-Time. Finally there is a third place prize of a $100.00 voucher from Fine-Time. So this gives all of you folks that bought one of these watches a really good chance to win. How is that for odds?

I will upload all the photos on the Fine-Time server. Voting will of course be on WTF here via a poll. All members will be able to vote. The top three vote getters will be win. =) As I said there is only two rules. First the size limit of no larger than 800x600. Second you will be limited to two entries. You can photoshop your heart out or show case your old school skills. As all the entries must use the WTF Edouard Lauzières watch I am leaving this wide open to make things interesting. Which means you can have a theme to the photo. Use black and white or color. The photo can even be abstract as well. Let your imagination run wild. Oh an you will only be allowed to win once. One more thing, if you enter two pictures and they both place in the top three. Only your highest vote getter will count.

Best Regards,

Thomas Carey
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