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the first watch picture posted here?

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Well Done Pal

Here's the first plus one, the specks of dust of which were cleaned up by John ;)

Have a good day amigo :)


Not usually shaken nor stirred

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Just think what'll happen when I get the axe working in here

Whahahaha...didn't even noticed this...too funny Scott..:D:D:D

BTW, look what I posted in ''your'' Rolex forum...;)
good for you GJ:D:D:D


hey Scott, i still have sharks:D:D:D
man, we're gonna have this placed trashed before we even get new people to move in...
Wait till ''that bloo one'' gets his axe Scotty....:D:D:D
No hiding from the bloo one this time Scotty...:D:D:D:D

You get banned before the forum is even online....
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Maybe with this new software it is possible to get you a paralel invisible forum of your own...:p:p:p
very nice Mr Wilson:)

that railmaster is C O O L:thumbup:

Diver88, how do you like that piece? I was thinkin of picking one of those up.
:) do you mean the 2254?

well, lets put it this way:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

its my FAVORITE diver, and I have a few divers, :thumbup1:

the 2254 is a substantial watch, solid as a rock but lower profile and wears like a lighter smaller watch than it is, I highly recommend the 2254.50.00:001_tt1:

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1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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