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Seen a few dandies over the years from various forum members and decided to keep a log of the good ones about 2 years ago:

- There is no logic in this hobby, none at all. Surrender your sanity at the front door; satisfaction goes to the highest bidder. Ozy, 03/10/10

- To be honest, my collecting is similar to turettes, it just goes off and in any direction without warning. E.Clark, 03/12/10

- I love eBay; it rewards knowledge, diligence, and deft action but punishes ignorance, foolishness, and greed. M4tt, 06/01/10

- ... or in layman's terms, sometimes you're better off ignoring a provocation, gathering up the Ninjas you've trained, and going for a swim. 12345Michael54321, 09/08/10

- The movement is just the engine that drives the watch; all I want is that that engine be reliable, efficient, and accurate. And mechanical.... 124Spider, 10/29/10

- I can't think without pics. Enzo Temko, 12/12/10

- WISdom is an evolutionary process. GradyPhilpott, 03/28/11

- Owning a watch is great; understanding its history is magnificent. GLADIATOR, 04/06/11

- My first Axiom of watch collecting: Watch money must not go unspent. LouS, 09/07/11

Now we have the first of this year:

- I sometimes have momentary lapse of concentration and become aware of the time on the watch... bullosa, 07/23/12

Chime in with any you've seen around here or elsewhere.
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