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After some mirror viewing and (very little) thought I think that watches fall into 3 categories.

Which are obviously watches whose main purpose is to measure time.
This would include divers,chronographs,and complicated moon phase and watches that track astromomical features and also tourbillons.
Doesn't matter if quartz or auto.

Jewelry Watches

This category is basically the same as the previous one ,but due to the fragile nature of these watches, they are not the same as the non "encrusted or adorned versions."

And the wearers have a slightly different "mindset" from the typical WIS

And finally

Look At Me

These are those that,although they are wonderfully functional as time measuring devices, go a bit too far to be noticed. (and I have a couple-one of which never leaves the house)
In most examples nice watches but a tad over done.
(MOP is cool but not really needed on a sporty watch yet not quite jewelry)

Please feel free to add more categories or to expound on those that I have presented

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hmm..nice topic. I always am cracking my head for watch categories.

I think there should be one called

Technical watches or Complications

to showcase the technologies of watches such as tourbillons, retrogrades, and perpetual calendars so...there's a reason why Breguet is remembered for.

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