watch battery question for Benrus electronic

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Hello, and I hope I am not breaking any forum rules by asking this question here...

I have a benrus electronic watch series #1345 that was purchased used and without a battery... I've been trying to find out WHAT BATTERY this takes. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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I would be somewhat shocked if anyone actually knew what model# their Benrus electronic watch was. What movement does it have inside? If it is an LIP movement it likely needs a 301 battery and if it was an ESA movement it likely uses a 344 or 389
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Thanks so much for the reply! I only know the series # because it's printed on the back... and I can't access the movement because this model is opened through the crystal and I don't have a tool to do that. (I saw an earlier post by "skypilot" back in 2009 who noted it was one of the first waterproof watches due to this feature). It's called a Benrus Electronic "Technipower". I've tried a 301, 344, and 389, to no avail. Maybe just non functional, but I just wanted to be sure it was not an issue of one of those watches that has a special plastic sleeve or something. I appreciate you providing feedback, and if there are any further ideas I would welcome them.
Actually, if you go back and look, skypilot's remark was that the watch was the first one
by an American watch manufacturer to be constructed in such a way.
If it didn't start up with the new 344 battery installed then the movement is likely dead. Many, if not most, of the Technipower watches used the ESA 9154 movement and while they are fairly reliable, they did have their issues. Perhaps someone here can recommend a repair shop for these watches? I checked my 3 electronic watches and two of them have an ESA 9154. One had a 344 battery and the other has a 386 and both run / keep time. The other has a PUV 907 that uses a 303 battery.
Thank you! This is the info I needed... now I can confirm whether the issue is the battery or the movement. I appreciate your time!
I have a Benrus electronic technipower watch. The # on the back is 6497. What do I need for a battery?
I have a Benrus electronic technipower watch. The # on the back is 6497. What do I need for a battery?
IF you read the previous posts, you would realize that we need to know what movement is inside your watch, not the case number.
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