Watch arrival! Warning, as usual, no pictures!

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My Grand Diver Commemorative Edition with the white MOP arrived. This is my second Grand Diver so I pretty much knew what to expect. Fit and finish are great, size and heft are perfect for a big watch lover like me and the diver dude design is cool and unique. What I didn't expect is how much I would like the dial. The MOP with no dots or numerals is quite attractive. It's silvery and the onyx that's inlaid there provides a nice contrast.
The only thing that I could suggest as an improvement would be to add some decoration to the movement or at least to the rotor since you have a see-thru caseback. But since it was a Japanese movement and was only $149, I didn't expect it to be pretty like the Swiss or even the Chinese movements.

Great watch, for a great price.
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Enjoy Helmet Head!!
It certainly is unique!
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