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Hey guys !

I just finished up with this Waltham project so I thought that I would share my results.

I bought a Waltham Trench Watch on "the swamp" a couple of weeks ago, the pictures were a bit fuzzy so I could not quite make out the serial number.

But, I bought it anyway, I like to roll the dice sometimes!

When it arrived the trench watch case had heavy gold fill wear spots that could not been seen in the pictures.

Plus, the movement serial number did not correspond to the case time period, the case was made about 10-11 years earlier.

The movement dated to 1927 and the case dated back to around 1916 - 1917.

So, lots of things about this Waltham were just plain wrong!

As you can imagine I stock LOTS of spare parts for Walthams (and Elgins).

When we were at the NAWCC Daytona Regional back in February I bought several VIRGIN un-used cases from a guy for cheap.

These cases NEVER had a movement installed in them and they even still had the ORIGINAL factory tag ! ! ! !

I put these virgin cases in one of my bins for a rainy project day.

Well, the need for this virgin case came yesterday ! ! !

The original plastic crystal had yellowed over the past 85 years so I installed a brand new glass one with UV cement and a UV curing machine.

The virgin case was complete with the original factory crown, stem and sleeve that still had a nice firm "POP".

Only a light buffing was necessary to bring back the 10k yellow gold plating shine.

When I took apart for cleaning the 1927, 7 jewel, grade 361 movement it still had the old and probably original blue steel mainspring so that was replaced with a new one.

The BOLD Roman numeral enamel dial (from the UK) had several visible hairline cracks so that was treated with several rounds in the ultrasonic with my secret sauce.

The hairlines are still there but FAR less visible now and can only been seen from certain angles, looks MUCH better now.

The hands were wrong for the dial so they were replaced with the correct hands for this BOLD Roman enamel dial.

I chose to install a brand new dark brown 16mm genuine Lizard band with a matching gold tone buckle to top it all off.

Everything is now time period correct for circa 1927 ! ! ! !

And now for the WRIST SHOT ! ! !

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