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I mostly hang out in the Bulova/Accutron forum but am seeking a bit of help with something about which I know nothing. A couple of years ago I bought a lot of watches at an estate auction to get an Accutron that was in the lot. The watches seemed to be old, the oldest one I've been able to date was a 1928 Hamilton and the newest about 1970.
Last night, while nursing an ill wife, I decided to try to research this Seiko Sports 100 A914, mostly trying to find instructions on how to use the various functions. It has A914 on the back. I found several with A904 but no A914. Does anybody have any idea how old it is or whether it would be worth putting on Ebay ? It seems to be in nice condition but the bracelet, which seems to be original, is pretty snug on my 7 1/2 " wrist.
Any info will be appreciated.

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