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So I bid this auction a couple weeks ago just to get the Accutron, the others looked like trash watches. When I received them I quickly looked over the Accutron and assessed that I hadn't spent too much on it, then I quickly looked at the others and put them in a bag for trash. Left it be for a while that day and something kept telling me to look at the Seiko again. The crystal was scratched so bad that I couldn't really see the dial as was the case, and it was just a japanese watch. But as I looked it over I decided I'd save that one out and trash the rest. I didn't take a before pic as I really didn't think I would care anything about the watch...

Of course the more I looked at it the more I liked it. When I got the movement out I was very surprised at how nice the dial was. Very precise construction and really nice looking so I spent the money for a new crystal (blue UV) and cleaned and lightly buffed the case. I'm so pleased! The more I did to it the more I liked it. And I haven't had an Accutron on since I got it back together... :blushing:

The first pic is from the auction, I don't have any other before pic.


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