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Hi everyone,
Just wanted to tell you about this amazing book which i got today, written by Martin Skeet & Nick Urul and published by Schiffer.
Basically it's the definitive reference guide to the Submariner Sea-Dweller Explorer GMT-Master Turn-O-Graph Milgauss & Cosmograph watches from 1952-1990.
It details all the subtle and not so subtle changes to these models as they evolved, my particular favourites being the early Sub models 5508 & 5513.
There are loads of beautiful pictures to accompany the text, many of rare models and old catalogues and promotional material.
I can't stress enough how nice this book is, please do yourselves a favour and get it!
The ISBN is 0-7643-2248-6 and shouldn't be hard to find.

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I bought the same book some time back along with James Dowlings great book also.
Both books are a Must Have for any Rolex fan. Absolutely superb.
My Rolex library is pretty complete....I don't have the latest update to the Dowling and Hess book, but I do have Vol. I and II of the latest "Collecting Rolex" book series by Osvaldo Patrizi. :w00t: Unfortunately, it is hideously expensive. :cursing:

In the photo below, you can see it the two volume compilation on the right, and I also pulled out a couple of other favorites including the Vintage Rolex Sports Model book I have, and the green book which is my newest book all about the Daytona. :thumbup:

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