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Hey guys, new to the forums, but have a question relating to vintage models

Recently won an ebay auction for an older Oris model which the seller claims is vintage. Comes with no papers which is fairly ok, however he claims that there is no model or serial number attached to the watch, only the movement number, CAL.652KIF.

Really have no clue but don't particularly want to send 400$ over to be receiving a dud

Put in some piccies for some opinions as well

Thanks guys!

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Hi there,
This is a tricky one. What is the feedback of the seller? Has he sold this sort of watch before, that is, does he specialise in vintage watches? Return policy? If you have any doubt about the seller, or the auction, ask yourself if it's worth it.

Biggest worry - the dial says "17 Jewels", but the movement says "Seven Jewels" (which is correct for the CAL652 movement). I don't think the dial is correct. Could be a 'Frankenwatch' where the case/dial/movement or any combination of the above don't match.
HOWEVER - if you check the Ranfft list of movements, the 652 is listed as 7/17 jewels, so I'm getting confused - does this mean the watch had 7 or 17 jewels?

The Cal652 was awarded COSC chronometer certification in 1968. I would have thought the dial would have 'chronometer' somewhere on it, but without others to compare with, I can't be sure.
the angled 'ORIS' word on the caseback fits with the period.

Sorry I can't be any more help. Best of luck with the auction if you decide to go through with it, but I'd seriously ask about the dial/movement discrepancy.
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