Vintage Omega Geneve - Cal 1012 (good deal ??)

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New to watch collecting and I'm looking to buy my first Automatic Omega. Not sure the date of the watch but I am told the movement is Cal 1012. Thinking it is from the 70's

Just wondering if this is a good buy at $330 USD, I've included all the pictures provided to me, so if anyone can help out I'd really appreciate it.
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I have two Omega, both of which are "previously enjoyed" pieces, and I agree...that's a fair price. Seeing as how the movement needs cleaning, It wouldn't hurt to ask if the seller would consider knocking the price down a little to compensate for the cleaning needed, but even if the seller won't do it, it's still a good price!
BTW...except for that tiny piece of dirt on the "1", the dial is in great shape!
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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