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14K solid gold case with 19-jewel 979 movement and rare black enamel numeral dial

Hamilton Hastings
catalogued 1928-1933
available in 14K yellow gold (1,240 prod.), 14K white gold (1,412 prod.), 18K yellow gold (26 prod. - for Tiffany only), yellow gold filled (4,452), white gold filled (14,643), and green gold filled (2,392)
initially available with the 17-jewel 987 movement, in 1931 all solid gold versions were upgraded to the 19-jewel 979 movement
four dial versions were available, the most common being luminous and the rarest the black enamel numeral dial
27mm x 27mm case size & 33mm over the lug tips
16mm strap width

although shown in the catalog and magazine advertising, the "exploding numeral' dial was never manufactured


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Thanks Tom!


You posted this great watch just just to torment me, right?? ;) (Complete disclosure: As Tom knows, I have been trying to learn all I can about the Hastings for the last year after I acquired a solid 14K white example last year. The various dials remain a real mystery, so it was nice of him to begin this discussion.)

FYI, I think you mis-counted the various Hastings dials. PRESUMING that the radial indeed exists, though no one seems to own one (and I think it is shown in at least 4 different old Hamilton advertisements and in the dial books, so it must have been made at some point), and presuming that your terrific serif-enamled example was an original dial option also, though it could also be unique special order I guess. With all this in mind, in addition to the 3 known and documented blueprints that you posted, this brings the total of possible dials on the Hastings to 5, not 4. I own a white gold filled Hastings with an original dial #017, though instead of luminous the numbers on my example is filled with enamel. Though I guess this could have been a special order, somewhere I saw this listed as an option also for dial #017 (either in an ad, in a dial book, or perhaps on a variant of the original blueprint??), so this could bring the total number of potential Hastings dials to perhaps 6. This sure seems like a lot for a relatively moderate seller.

Accepting the observed (but Depression-defying) reality that the more expensive raised gold number dials outsold enamel dials, and also knowing that radial dials were popular by the large number of original radial dials still remaining on Meadowbrooks. And based upon the commenly held belief among collectors that solid 14K examples (like Meadowbrooks) were MUCH more likely to have been melted-down for their gold over the years, it amazes me that a few more radial-dialed (or serif-enameled) Hastings don't still exist, especially since the vast majority of Hastings are gold filled and likely survived. (IF I were to place a wager, I think this exploding dial was some catalog artist's fantasy creation before the Hastings was released... and then somehow the next year someone forgot to modify the line art to reflect reality... and this explains the unknown radial/exploding dial in 2 catalogs and mutliple advertisement. Because of this, I think we all need to remember that catalog art may or may not reflect reality.)

My #017-dialed enamel variation Hastings is off being spiffed-up. When it is all done, I will gladly post a photo here. I have the "before" shot, but it is not very good or even alone in the shot. THANKS AGAIN TOM!!


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I just realized last night that I never did get my Hastings with the 017 enamel dial spiffed-up. I had forgotten where I put it, but I located it last night in a parts bin. (I was looking for a decent 987 movement to swap into an Oval....SIGH.) Anyway, it has not been cleaned at all, but I will try to post a bad (cell phone) photo this weekend so people can see it and say "Oh yeah, I have one of those too!" :lol:



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:blink: Why didn't I forget a Hastings somewhere to find it or better, a Spur maybe. :001_tt2: *thinks about taking a look into the drawer with old socks or so*
LOL, along with the Hastings, I also found a Barrel, Drake, 3-4 Squares, a NICE plain Square B, Piping Rock "parts", a nice enamel Cushion dial, a dozen or so movements and less nice dials, and various other old Hammys and parts in states of disrepair! I don't even want to THINK about how much $ I have spent on various movements, dials, cases, etc. to return Illinois Consuls and Marquis to their former splendor... as I have a BUNCH of those parts, and bought more as recently as this week, but they are in a different spot. (Mixed in with a BUNCH of other Illinois "stuff" that I have also forgotten about!) Sad but true... but I imagine that Rene, Mark, Tom, Bryan, and others here have MUCH more! :lol:

BUT, If you do decide to put this stuff in a drawer, I suggest not the underware drawer. RADIUM!!! :blink:

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Radium will just make it easier to find in the dark

surely thats a good thing?

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