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Hi there,

I'm a newbie collector and have recently purchased this as my first of hopefully many vintage time pieces, please see pics:
Watch Analog watch Silver Clock Natural material
Body jewelry Silver Material property Jewellery Jewelry making
Watch Analog watch Silver Natural material Clock
Natural material Jewellery Body jewelry Silver Composite material
Watch Analog watch Clock Watch accessory Font

I have searched the internet high and wide and cannot find a similar looking piece, nor can I date it. I am reluctant to open the case to check for ref no's, as I don't want to damage it! I will do this carefully when I can get hold of something small enough to lever it open(I have sausage fingers!!) Basically, I wanted to post pics up on here to see what you experts think and what I should expect to pay for it.

many thanks and all the best,


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Hello, and welcome!... Condition! Condition! Condition!
If you aren't going to scrap the gold and sell the diamonds, we can't even begin to guess without seeing what condition the movement is in- if, in fact, it is even running!

Usually for those who don't own a Watch Case Knife (yes, there IS such a thing!) a thin but sturdy paring knife is used. If you're lucky, there's a tiny lip on the case back. Put the blade under that lip and pop the back off. Otherwise CAREFULLY (so as not to cut yourself) wedge the blade in the seam of the case and twist.

A big problem here is that unless someone is a specialist, lady's watches are just not as collectable as men's models. This makes them much harder to evaluate.
I've sent a copy of your question over to The Longines Forum...look for an answer there as well. Good luck.

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HI, thanks for the reply. It does indeed work and I have tested it once, it kept about 12hrs from 8 half turns (is that good?) I actually brought it for my wife's birthday and she will be only using it as an evening dress watch. I did manage to carefully take the back off, and here are the pics:
Watch Clock Body jewelry Jewellery Font
Eyewear Drinkware Bottle cap Font Jewellery
Body jewelry Watch Clock Natural material Jewellery
Gear Circle Art Close-up Auto part
Font Circle Close-up Metal Fashion accessory

text inside case:

Longines - Wittnauer
Watch co inc
New York
Geneva Montreal

text on movement:
"LXH" or "LHW" cannot tell?

Longone watch co swiss
Seventeen 17 jewels


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The serial number on the movement dates it to 1951. LXW is the import code assigned to all Longines movements sent from Switzerland to the US for installation into American made cases - in this instance that manufacturer is K&E. Now you know your watch is solid 14ct gold.
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