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Hello all:

I am trying to pull enough info together to do a story on Lange & Sohne wristwatches for the NAWCC Bulletin. I hope I can prevail upon forum members for some information/insight and maybe some images that you would let me borrow for the article (with due credit given, of course!)

It appears the company made military/pilot wristwatches from the get-go when they made the transition from pocket to wristwatches. Other than a few "civilian" examples I've seen from Gisbert Joseph's website archives, I have never seen a wristwatch of theirs that WASN'T a military watch! Did they make many "regular" wristwatches from the 1910s up until '45? Or did they more or less go from pocket watches right to military wristwatches with no "stop" in between to make some "regular" (i.e., non military) wristwatches? If anyone has some examples, I'd love to see them!

Did some Lange wristwatches use movements by Glashutte? (Gisbert Joseph's website seems to indicates so.) The two companies were obviously close to one another, speaking strictly geographically. I know some people are under the mistaken notion that they were the same company, but they DO seem to be distinct companies, with Lange being founded by Ferdinand Adolph Lange in 1845, and Glashutte founded by Johannes Dürrstein in 1893. It doesn't help matters that many Lange & Sohne watches are also signed "Glashutte" on their dials! I realize that this simply indicates the CITY (Glashutte) where they were made, but it does kind of add to the confusion.

I was rather hoping the book "When Time Came Home," by Walter Lange (great-grandson of the founder), would shed some light. But I just got my copy from Amazon, and it appears there's precious little about the vintage stuff, calibers, pictures of vintage wristwatches, etc. It's mostly a propaganda piece (if you will excuse my saying so) for the company's current line of watches. Which is fine, or course, if you're interested in the modern stuff. But I, of course, am more interested in vintage.

Any information, insight, or sources you may have would be helpful. Thanks!


Bruce Shawkey
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