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I picked this up today for right around $300.00
It's marked 14K, I did test it with nitric acid and a scratch stone to verify.
It weighs 17.8 grams total and about 15.6 with the movement out.
I believe it's been over wound as it only spins freely in one direction and there's resistance if you try to wind it. (I could be wrong, not very versed in watches)
I'm curious if this would be worth trying to fix / sell as a watch versus the scrapping it out for the gold value as well as the age of the watch and any other information you could give me. I've looked online a bit and was unable to find much of anything.
P.S. The watch band isn't pictured but is 14K Gold as well.
Thanks in advance.
DSCN1649.jpg DSCN1650.jpg DSCN1654.jpg DSCN1655.jpg DSCN1656.jpg
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