Vintage Der Doppelchronograph 3711 photos (more)

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I had some time to get more photos of my recently acquired IWC ref 3711 Doppelchronograph. This reference was only made from 1993-1995 and still has the original fish crown. The crystal is sapphire and domed, an unusual and expensive thing to manufacture at the time. I am still playing around with the doppel feature to figure out what to sequentially time :).

Hope you enjoy this one. Happy new year,


T Swiss Made T dial. Somewhat rare today. It is 42 mm and 16.2 mm high with an anti magnetic inner case (Faraday cage).

The case back:

The original fish crown,

The movement is a calibre A/79230. It runs at 28800 bph and has a 44 hour power reserve.

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Wow Bill,

I've been out a few weeks and Boom! you got new watches! :thumbup1: Very nice looking addition! :001_tt1:

That IWC collection is getting quite impressive.. How about a group shot?
See the Post of the SOTC for individual pictures of each of the seven.

Yup, saw that after I posted this one. VERY nice!!! :thumbup1:
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