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Starting a "sticky" to reduce and clean up "stickies". Hat tip to uscjake87 and mikeyt_53.

I will leave this open for a couple of weeks so members can suggest links to reference materials and then close it and clean it up.

Later modification to the sticky can be done by any mod via PM.

Suggested subtitles for links pertaining to;


Historical Info, Manuals, Historical Advertisements

Accutron Case Number Research

1974 ABC Case Parts Catalog & Supplement#1 Reference

Vintage Kreisler Coffin Link & JB Champion Bullet Band Reference Info

Accutron 214 Movement Date Stamps, Reference Marks and Pillar Plate Variations

Accutron 214 Plastics Used in Coil Forms

Rare Watches:

Bulova Accuquartz Beta 21

Oliverb's complete beta 21 watch

Beta 21 Original Watch

Bulova Accuquartz Caliber 226 LCD

Prototype Discussions:

Spiral Lug With Serials

Accutron 214 Clones:

Slava / Transistor

Tianjin Yinchabiao / Dianzibiao

Accutron 218 Manufacture Variants:

Accutron 214 Popular Variants:

Accutron Astronaut Advertisement/Reference & Variant Guide

Accutron Railroad Advertisement & Variant Guide

Accutron 218 Popular Variants:

214/218 Spaceview Information:

Accutron Spaceview "B" Yellow Dot Identification 101 (1962-1964)


Aaaaand go!

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That really cleaned up the home page!

Keep sending in the suggestions for the sticky page, I'm leaving this open to comments for a few weeks until it gets fleshed out. Then I'll clean up the comments on this thread and we can always edit the sticky via PM.
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